15 Thor Cake Designs Ideas for Birthdays in 2022

Thor (Old Norse: órr) is the god of thunder, the sky, and agriculture in Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin, the god of the gods, and Jord (Earth), Odin’s consort, and the spouse of the fertility goddess Sif, the mother of his son Modi and daughter Thrud; his other son, Magni, maybe from a relationship with the giantess Jarnsaxa. In Norse, or Viking, mythology, Thor was one of the most significant gods. He was the son of Odin, the supreme Norse deity, according to certain legends.

We have brought to you Thor Birthday Cakes, Thor Creative Birthday Cakes, Thor’s Hammer Cakes, Thor Cake images, Easy Thor Cakes, Traditional Thor Cakes, Home Made Thor Cakes, and Thor Birthday Cake Images for you to take inspiration from. Use these ideas to bake the best ever cake.

Thor Cake Decorations

Decorating something related to Disney Elsa must be a dream for everyone. Down here, we have presented you with the best ways to decorate your Disney Elsa cakes. Check them out.

  1. Grey fondants
  2. Wish topper
  3. Hammer cake dummy
  4. Cake pops
  5. Name toppers
  6. Blue and yellow fondants

Thor Birthday Cakes

Look at these Thor Birthday Cakes! these cakes are best suited for a die-hard Thor fan. The fans love thor cakes with the signature hammer on them for their birthdays.

thor birthday cakes
thor birthday cakes 2

Thor Creative Birthday Cakes

Thor Creative birthday cakes can be decorated if you just organise all your cake decorating ideas in a neat manner. You can bake the best cakes with even a little creativity to use around.

thor birthday cake pops
thor birthday cake pops 2

Thor’s Hammer Cakes

Thor’s Hammer Cakes are the best cake you can gift to a thor fan. These cakes will bring a wide smile to a person who’s a fan and will be the happiest.

thors hammer
thors hammer 2

Thor Cake images

Look at these Thor cake images! They can be made more personalised with the addition of names and ages to the cake. The hammer makes the cake look amazing.

thors cake bites
thors cake bites 2

Easy Thor Cakes

Here are some of the Easy thor cakes that can be made easily by anyone by just making a thor’s hammer cake dummy to give out the same vibe. You can also add a Head protection dummy for more beauty.

easy thor cakes
easy thor cakes 2

Traditional Thor Cakes

Traditional and classics are always loved by everyone. These cakes can be easily prepared with proper guidance and expertise. The red fondant adds so much power to the cakes.

traditional thor cakes
traditional thor cakes 2

Home Made Thor Cakes

You can also make Home Made Thor Cakes for your cake requirements. These thor cakes are so attractive and beautiful to look at. These cakes will mostly be loved by all the boys.

home made thor cakes
home made thor cakes 2

Thor Birthday Cake Images

Here are some Thor Birthday Cake Images for you to look at and bake. These cake images are the best images curated from all the others.

thor birthday cake images
thor birthday cake images 2


I really hope our site was of use to you in developing your cake design ideas. Do these for your loved ones to make their special day even more memorable. Please share our material with others who may need it if you find our material useful. Good luck with your baking!

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