[New] 20 Heart Shape Cake Designs, Decoration Ideas in 2023

When you go to a cake shop, the heart-shaped cake is the one that stands out the most. With a delectable and lovely heart shape cake for a special event, astound the love of your life and express your sincere thoughts for him/her on your anniversary. Your taste for heart-shaped cakes is also influenced by the individual to whom you are giving the cake. However, nowadays, most believe that heart cakes should only be given to their girlfriends. You may simply give them to anyone who is near to your heart. Giving these cakes as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other occasions has become fashionable.

If the occasion for which you are planning the cake comes on a holiday when demand is very strong, you may have a tough time obtaining one of the heart-shaped chocolate cakes. This is when online cake websites like us, are on the scene, where we have got a list of ideas such as heart cake topper, heart cake pops, heart cake ideas, heart cake chocolate, heart cake for anniversary, love heart cake design, mini heart cakes and heart shaped cakes.

Heart Cake Decoration Ideas

Heart cake can be decorated in various different ways. Since the whole month is a month of love, you can decorate it with red snow-like cream, or fondant  etc. Here are some things that you can use for decoration for heart cakes.

  1. Red and white frosting on top
  2. Red roses
  3. Cute little hearts on cake
  4. Text ‘love’ written with red fondant or icing
  5. Lots of red cherries on cake

1. Heart Cake Topper

The heart piece will look fantastic on top of your engagement or wedding cake. Acrylic Cake Topper make excellent adornments for a cake, adding a distinctive touch with exquisite design and rustic style. This non-edible ornament is ideal to retain as a keepsake of the day, year after year, after all the celebrations.

Heart Cake Topper
Heart Cake Topper 2

2. Heart Cake Pops

Crumble the cake mix into very little bits in a large mixing dish, leaving no big portions. Make 1 inch round balls out of the dough. Here you go! These are the cute heart cake pops ready for you.

Heart Cake Pops
Heart Cake Pops 2

3. Heart Cakes Ideas

What could be more interesting than a heart cake for your loved one! Here we are with amazing heart cake ideas only for your special occasions and events.

Heart Cakes Ideas

4. Heart Cake Chocolate

What could be more pleasant than a heart-shaped chocolate chiffon cake filled with a chocolate whipped cream, and these Chocolate Cake Hearts are excellent for sharing!

Heart Cake Chocolate
heartchocolatecake 2

5. Heart Cake for Anniversary

Every year, the celebration should be different from the previous one, yet just as passionate. Happy Anniversary heart cake is a solid bet for that. Nothing beats a heart-shaped anniversary cake for expressing love on anniversaries, which will sprinkle an additional dosage of love, happiness, and romance.

Heart Cake for Anniversary
Heart Cake for Anniversary 5

6. Love Heart Cake Design

You may simply give these wonderful heart cakes to anyone who is near to your heart. Giving these cakes as gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to surprise your loved one!

Love Heart Cake Design 5
Love Heart Cake Design 2

7. Mini Heart Cakes

These heart-shaped Mini Sponge Cakes are ideal for Valentine’s Day, light and fluffy pastel pink cakes with whipped cream and strawberry preserves within. It is finished with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Mini Heart Cakes
Mini Heart Cakes 2

8. Heart Shaped Cakes

These heart-shaped cakes, which range from chocolate to fondant, are sure to amaze your Valentine this year. What particular plans do you have for Valentine’s Day? We all adore cake, and preparing a heart-shaped cake couldn’t be easier.

Heart Shaped Cakes
Heart Shaped Cakes 5


Hope you liked the heart cake designs on our website. We will keep trying to give best quality of cakes, and their designs for all your events/parties, etc. Don’t forget to share this article across any of the social media.

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