[New Designs] 13 Christmas Cake Designs for Celebration in 2023

Christmas Cake cutting is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. If you are looking for Christmas Cake Designs for 2020, 2021, or 2022, you landed at the right place. We have the best ideas for decorating Christmas cakes. Along with several Christmas cakes images, and pictures we have some recipes as well for decorating your Christmas cake. Christmas cake making can be difficult most of the time, so we collected easy, and modern designs for cakes as well. Celebrate Christmas with Royal Icing cakes, elegant cakes, half cake designs, sponge cakes, buttercream cakes, novelty cakes as well.

When you are looking for a cake, you are looking for cakes that can fit your budget. When buying a cake also check whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. For Christmas, you can try some decorations such as trees, jingle bells, socks, etc. Christmas is often famous for the colour red. So you can also try red velvet cakes.

Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas

Christmas cake can be decorated in various different ways. Since it is chilling winter, you can decorate it with white snow-like cream, or bells, etc. Here are some things that you can use decoration for Christmas cakes.

  1. Golden Stars
  2. Green Trees
  3. Red coloured cap/cream.
  4. Merry Christmas Tags
  5. Green and Red colour Creams and Toppers
  6. Santa Claus dummy
  7. Ice cream P shaped sticks
  8. Colourful candies
  9. Snowman Shapes made with cream.
  10. HO HO HO shaped text

1. Christmas Cake Designs 2021

Christmas cakes are often cut in parties to celebrate and welcome Christmas along with New Year. If you are looking for Cake designs for 2021, you are at the right place. Check out the amazing designs now.

2. Ununsual Cake Designs for Christmas

On the birth of Jesus Christ, on 25th December, Christmas is celebrated across the world. People wait for santa claus to present them with gifts. Unusually, people also celebrate Christmas with cakes, and even look for Christmas Cake Designs that are unusual than the normal ones.

3. Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Christmas is one of the religious and cultural festival celebrated all across the world. If you are looking for Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas for cakes, here is the one that you might love.

4. Minimalist Cake Designs for Christmas

Some people like to keep it simple and sober. But still celebrate Christmas with a cool cake. Here is one minimalist cake design, that you might love to get baked.

5. Star Design for Christmas Cake

Star Design is quite famous for cakes celebrated for Christmas. It is said, that Christmas night is the longest night of the year when lots of stars fall from the sky. Also a star is a prime symbol that is used for decoration of Christmas. Check this Star design Christmas cake for this christmas.

6. Simple Cake Design this Christmas

When you are getting a cake, you might look for cheap and budget cakes. These are simple ones that just give a gist of Christmas. It can include some simple stickers, or some poppers to decorate a simple cake to make it Christmas friendly.

7. Ideas for Christmas Cake

Looking for crazy ideas for Christmas Cake? Try this one out. This can be really difficult to build, but really awesome to cut this Christmas. In the secular Christmas Celebration, Santa Claus pays a vital role.

8. Merry Christmas Cake Design

If you are looking to gift this cake to someone for Christmas, this cake design is for you. Even though, we know that giving 25th as a Christmas date is unclear. But Romans give it a long time ago, and it is celebrated from then. Merry Christmas written on the cake gives an amazing kick to this Christmas.

9. Red Velvet Christmas Design for Cake

Red Velvet Cake is made of cocoa powder, vinegar and buttermilk. It is one of the yummiest cake that exists on this planet. It is generally red to make it look full of love and taste. This makes it a perfect choice for Christmas cakes. Even, Christmas is celebrated with red as the prime colour.

10. Chocolate Christmas Cakes

Some people are such a big fan of Chocolate cakes. Whatever be the occasion, they only use chocolate cakes to celebrate the occasion. This cake is for them. Chocolate Christmas cakes are full of chocolate both hard and soft.

11. Images of Christmas Cakes

If you are looking for Images of Christmas cakes to use as Status or to post on Instagram, Facebook, etc. This is the perfect choice for you. Use these images to celebrate the Christmas in your own way.

12. Cup Cake Designs for Christmas

Cup cakes are small pastries and cups that are full of small cakes. You can use these cakes in bulk to enjoy at parties. You can distribute them to the public. You can even throw these are each other [though, not recommended].

13. Christmas Tree Cake Design

Christmas Tree, one of the most famous ornaments for Christmas. Christmas tree is often decorated with lots of lights, toffees, chocolates, etc. on Christmas Day. What if you can also have Christmas tree cake for celebrating Christmas. Lets make a big cake this Christmas.


Hope you liked the cake designs for this Christmas season. We will keep trying to give best quality of cakes, and their designs for all your events/parties, etc. Don’t forget to share this article across any of the social media.

At last, Merry Christmas !!! HO HO HO

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