14 Stick Cake Designs Decorations Ideas in 2022

Here’s some terrific ideas for quick and easy-to-decorate birthday cakes for boys and girls. They will have your kids shrieking with joy as they dig their fingers into the frosting and slip a lollipop or two off the top. Try these stick birthday cake ideas if you are short on time but still want a dessert that looks lovely and special.

We have got for you an amazing list of stick cake ideas only for you. These ideas include matchstick cakes, pop stick cakes, lipstick cakes, hockey stick cakes, wafer stick cakes, glow stick cakes, musk stick cakes and popsicle stick cakes.

1. Matchstick Cakes

Matchsticks are a popular Australian bakery dessert composed with flaky puff pastry, strawberry jam, and whipped cream. This Jam and Cream Matchstick Recipe is created with puff pastry and tastes better than store-bought jam and cream matchsticks. You will adore this delectable delicacy.

Matchstick Cakes
Matchstick Cakes 2

2. Pop Stick Cakes

Insert a 1/2-inch lollipop stick into the middle of the cake ball after dipping it in the coating. It should only be pushed halfway through the cake. A cake pop is a lollipop-shaped cake ball on a stick.

Pop Stick Cakes
Pop Stick Cakes 2

3. Lipstick Cakes

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or other special occasion, we have got you covered. This show-stopping accessory, adorned in the iconic gold and black icing of a classic MAC lipstick, may also be customised with a special message.

Lipstick Cakes
Lipstick Cakes 2

4. Hockey Stick Cakes

Allow rolled fondant to set before moulding hockey sticks and pucks. Make little patches of ice using isomalt, just large enough to put over the top of a cupcake; set aside to dry. Using a big open tip, ice the cupcakes. Place the isomalt disc on top of the frosting and press it down to secure it. Attach the sticks and puck using piping gel.

Hockey Stick Cakes
Hockey Stick Cakes 2

5. Wafer Stick Cakes

Chocolate cake with wafer sticks and chocolate candies! Use any cake recipe you choose, slice it into 2-3 layers, then fill it with icing or cream. Then frost the cake and garnish with your favourite toppings before securing it with a gorgeous ribbon. Enjoy this simple yet efficient recipe!

Wafer Stick Cakes
Wafer Stick Cakes 2

6. Glow Stick Cakes

A glow-in-the-dark party with a dessert table of neon delights and a paper rosette background! To make the black frosting, start with some chocolate frosting and a couple squeezes of black food colouring. This cake features a neon marshmallow mirror coating that catches the light. It shines in the dark under a black light!

Glow Stick Cakes
Glow Stick Cakes 2

7. Musk Stick Cakes

Place the musk sticks around the edge of the cake (they will stick to the frosting). Wrap the ribbon around the cake and secure it. Butterflies or hearts might be strewn throughout the top.

Musk Stick Cakes
Musk Stick Cakes 2

8. Popsicle Stick Cakes

Cakesicles are a playful take on the classic cake pop. Cakesicles, which are made in popsicle moulds and have a chocolate shell encircling a cake and frosting mixture, are an easy-to-make variant of the ever-popular dessert.

Popsicle Stick Cakes 3
Popsicle Stick Cakes 4


Hope you all loved the stick cake ideas and images on our website. We will do our best to match the frosted cake decoration to the theme of different types of cakes. Stay tuned to this website for more such amazing ideas and do share the post on all social media platforms.

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