[Updated] 14 Tangled Cake Designs Decorations Images in 2023

Rapunzel, the beautiful princess, has been imprisoned in a tower since she was kidnapped by an old hag when she was a toddler. Her long blonde hair has the magical ability to produce endless youth, which the wicked Gothel utilises to keep her youthful. Rapunzel grows interested in the outside world at the age of 18, and when a prince uses her tower as a haven, she asks him to assist her in escaping and the story goes on.

In this blog, we have brought to you cake designs like Easy Tangled Cake Designs, Tangled Lantern Cake Designs, Tangled Graphic Printed Cake Designs, Tangled Logo Cake Design, Tangled Mini Cake Designs, Tangled Castle Cake Design, Tangle tiered Cake Design and topper ideas. Read through the whole blog and get a clearer view to bake the best cake ever.

Decorating Items For Tangled Cake

Tangled cakes may be made even more beautiful with a few simple decorations thrown about. You may add extra decorations to make it more attractive because it’s your child’s favourite character. Here are some suggestions for walrus cake decorations.

  1. Use of purple fondants
  2. A wish topper
  3. A Name and an age topper
  4. Fondant balloons
  5. Princess theme
  6. Tangled dummy

Easy Tangled Cake Designs

These easy tangled cake designs are so elegant and nice. They can be decorated with purple fondants and frostings. These cakes will bring a huge smile to your child’s face.

Easy Tangled Cake Designs
Easy Tangled Cake Design

Tangled Lantern Cake Designs

The best and the most amusing scene in the movie is the later scene. Bringing the lantern scene on the cakes is just so brilliant. Use these Tangled Lantern Cake Designs and see people pouring all their love.

Tangled Lantern Cake Designs
Tangled Lantern Cake Designs2

Tangled Graphic Printed Cake Designs

Tangled Graphic Printed Cake Designs are all that you can see down here. These cakes have to be baked and covered with the graphic printed fondant and you can also add toppers to it if needed.

Tangled Graphic Printed Cake Designs
Tangled Graphic Printed Cake Designs1

Tangled Logo Cake Design

Tangled logo cake designs just bring out the theme with just one logo and the purple colour. You can choose these if you’re planning something last minute. Enjoy them with your loved ones.

Tangled Logo Cake Design
Tangled Logo Cake Designs

Tangled Mini Cake Designs

Tangled Mini cake designs are very suitable for newborn birthday parties for girls. They just give out a vibe of a small princess celebrating life. You can top them with cute mini-dolls and so on.

Tangled Mini Cake Designs
Tangled Mini Cake Designs2

Tangled Castle Cake Design

The castle is the most important part of the movie. These tangled castle cake designs show the main theme of the cake and it’s just so amazing and beautiful. Bake them and enjoy with your family.

Tangled Castle Cake Design
Tangled Castle Cake Design2

Tangled Tiered Cake Design

Tangled tired cake designs are so elegant and beautiful. They can also be used for weddings and other huge ceremonies. These tiered cakes have such a royal vibe to them.

Tangled Tiered Cake Design
Tangled Tiered Cake Design2

Tangled Cake Toppers

Tangled cake toppers can be used to bring the character of the cake very well. These cakes will be loved by everyone and the toppers can be of any type.

Tangled Cake Toppers2
Tangled Cake Toppers


I hope you liked these tangled cake designs from our website for your celebration. We’ll be back with a new range of high-quality cakes and designs for your special occasions. Simply remain up to date with us and share the article with your friends and family. Have a nice day.

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