14 Disneys Pluto Cake Designs Ideas in 2022

Looking for an alternative to cake? You will find creative ideas in this post. Pluto is an animated Disney character developed by The Walt Disney Company. He is a medium-sized, short-haired dog with black ears that is yellow-orange in hue. Are you at Disney World for a birthday celebration? Cakes with a Mickey Mouse motif are perfect for any celebration, especially if you’re having a guest who adores the well-known Disney figure. You may either purchase them from one of the online bakery stores or make them at home.

1. Disneys Pluto Cake Design for Girl

If it’s your little princess’s birthday and you are willing to go for a Pluto cake design for her, then just make a cute 3D Pluto with Minnie mouse (his friend) on top of the birthday cake!

Disneys Pluto Cake Design for Girl
Disneys Pluto Cake Design for Girl 2

2. Disneys Pluto Cake Design for Birthday

Pluto figures are fantastic for any Disney lover, and this pet dog Pluto topper makes the birthday cake seem more fascinating!

Disneys Pluto Cake Design for Birthday
Disneys Pluto Cake Design for Birthday 2

3. Disneys Pluto Cake Design 2 Layer

See the imaginative and artistic Pluto 2-layer cake design with Mickey Mouse. You will adore the design concept of the ruffles on the bottom layer of these handmade 2 tier fondant 3D Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto Themed Cakes.

Disneys Pluto Cake Design 2 Layer
Disneys Pluto Cake Design 2 Layer 2

4. Disneys Pluto Cake Topper

Use a dozen 2″ edible frosting circles for Disney Baby Pluto. Instead of wafer or rice paper, use these circles of icing of a high calibre.

Disneys Pluto Cake Topper
Disneys Pluto Cake Topper 2

5. Pluto Planet Cake

It is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, and raspberry preserves.  Along with the Sun, every planet is around the cake. Pluto is situated between them.

Pluto Planet Cake
Pluto Planet Cake 2

6. Pluto Cake Epcot

Dog ears and a bone mean only one thing: a Pluto cake! Mango and honey flavours are offered at Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT. Visit Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT to find this brand-new Pluto dessert! A delicate cake layer is encased with honey, frosting flavours, and mango honey jelly.

Pluto Cake Epcot
Pluto Cake Epcot 2

7. Pluto Cake Design Ideas

Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s devoted dog, has arrived to play. To create a spectacular scene atop birthday and celebration cakes, pair him up with Mickey.

Pluto Cake Design Ideas
Pluto Cake Design Ideas 2

8. Pluto Cake Design Images

Decorate your cake with this Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy-themed Edible Cake Topper Image! To help you create unique cake designs for your next events, we offer a fantastic collection of Pluto Cake Design picture ideas.

Pluto Cake Design Images
Pluto Cake Design Images 2


We sincerely hope you all enjoyed the incredible Pluto cake designs and ideas we have gathered for you on our website. Keep checking the website for more fantastic theme cake design ideas for your special occasions and gatherings. And please do share the post on all the social media sites if you genuinely enjoy the designs.

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