12 Star Cake Designs Ideas in 2022

Cake toppings in the shape of stars are perfect for a range of occasions, including graduations, anniversaries, and Christmas cakes. If you are looking for such marvellous delectable cake designs, this is the right place for you. We have a variety of cake-friendly handcrafted icing shooting stars sprays (in various sizes and colours), as well as star-shaped sugar sprinkles to complement your chosen star topping!

1. Star Cake Design Ideas

Take a look at these amazing handmade Star cakes that will definitely surprise you. Along with the birthday cakes, you will discover plenty of DIY birthday cake-making ideas and ‘how-to’ tips to get you started on your next cake endeavour. Enjoy!

Star Cake Design Ideas
Star Cake Design Ideas 2

2. Moon Star Cake Design

How adorable is this starry cake with moon and stars topper, which has charming moon, star, and cloud shapes? Make stunning cake ornaments that resemble the moon and stars in the sky by using these unusual forms.

Moon Star Cake Design
Moon Star Cake Design 2

3. Coolest Princess Star Cake Design

Princess star cake design is the coolest idea to surprise your little princess on her special day! Whether it’s her birthday or any other special occasion, you can always look up to a princess star cake design for your daughter! Check out the amazing designs now!

Coolest Princess Star Cake Design
Coolest Princess Star Cake Design 2

4. Coolest Prince Star Cake Design

Having difficulties finding a fantastic birthday star cake with a royal prince theme? We understand this issue and so, we have come up with a list of coolest prince star cake designs after hours of baking and testing all of the models available. Take a look at our rating below!

Coolest Prince Star Cake Design
Coolest Prince Star Cake Design 2

5. Coolest Stars Birthday Cake

Celebrate your birthday with a dish of joy that will leave them wanting more. Each mouthful of the incredibly rich cake, which is adorned with stars, will blow their minds away and bring in the relaxing spirit of life. Check out the amazing designs here!

Coolest Stars Birthday Cake
Coolest Stars Birthday Cake 2

6. Coolest Homemade Stars Cake

To round off your birthday bash perfectly, serve this star-studded dessert made at home. It is an easy task to create. All you need for the cake is a boxed mix and a can of icing. Even the brightly coloured stars draped over it are simple. You use a cookie cutter to cut them out of fruit snacks. Get the designs and recipe here!

Coolest Homemade Stars Cake
Coolest Homemade Stars Cake 2

7. Star Spray Cakes

Simple and effective star spray cakes or starburst cakes are one of the most popular cake ideas. They can be made in any subject and colour combination, including sports, music, and more, for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, engagements, and simply. Browse our portfolio for ideas, or if you already have something in mind, contact us to discuss your project. To order a starburst cake, contact us now!

Star Spray Cakes
Star Spray Cakes 2

8. Coolest Black and White Star Cake

Nothing says more classic like black and white, and this Little Stars Black and White Cake is no exception! This cake is a charming dish for birthdays and other festivities, and it’s a beginner-friendly craft with lots of room on top for a personalised inscription or candles. Get the designs below!

Coolest Black and White Star Cake
Coolest Black and White Star Cake 2


Hope you liked the star cake designs for your special occasions. We will continue to strive providing the highest quality cakes and designs for all of your festivities or parties, etc. Don’t forget to share this post on all social media platforms.

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