16 Paris Cake Theme Designs Images in 2022

What a charming party theme cake! There are so many wonderful touches and ideas to be appreciated! From the cute Paris cityscape cake with a “big apple” on top to the Paris cheese pastries often known as a mini-cake, is one of the most popular sweets in the company’s large dessert menu.

Choose from thousands of cake designs available in our inventory! We have got a list of amazing Paris cake ideas on our website such as easy Paris cakes, Paris cake topper, Paris Custom cakes, Paris Baguette cakes, Paris dream cakes, Paris cake images, Paris cake designs and Paris themed cakes.

Paris Cake Decoration Ideas:

There are several options for you when it comes to decorating a cake that is as adorable as it tastes. Here we have compiled a few more decoration ideas for you:

  1. Cherries on top
  2. Eiffel Tower design or a cute toy
  3. Skyscrapper
  4. Skyline Landscape

1. Easy Paris Cakes

This dessert is in perfect size with a perfect taste, just as amazing as it looks! These Paris Cake Pops are too easy and are ideal for any occasion. Have a look at the designs below.

Easy Paris Cakes
Easy Paris Cakes 2

2. Paris Cake Topper

The fantastic edible topper scene is printed with edible inks on Premium Wafer Paper (card thickness). It features a range of stunning images from all over the online bakery shops.

Paris Cake Topper
paris cake topper 3

3. Paris Custom Cakes

Paris cakes are a delicacy for a country lover. We have got a fantastic collection of best Paris custom cakes only for you.

Paris Custom Cakes
Paris Custom Cakes 2

4. Paris Baguette Cakes

Paris Baguette Cake is a super delicacy quite different from the usual cakes. It is loaded with cream and made with crumbs. The fabulous images are given here.

Paris Baguette Cakes
Paris Baguette Cakes 2

5. Paris Dream Cakes

The classic Paris dream cheesecake is a rich, creamy, and thick dessert with an incredible flavour that will elevate any occasion. For you, the traditional creamy dessert is the perfect option.

Paris Dream Cakes
Paris Dream Cakes 2

6. Paris Cake Images

We have gathered a list of adorable Paris Cake Images for city lover people like you. You should choose any one among these to make your birthday a great one!

Paris Cake Images
Paris Cake Images 2

7. Paris Cake Designs

Wow! A Paris cake! What a fantastic delicacy we have come up with! You may select from a wide assortment of Paris Cake Designs here, from our website.

Paris Cake Designs
Paris Cake Designs 2

8. Paris Themed Cakes

We have gathered a number of stunning Paris themed cake ideas that you may not find anywhere else on the internet. Take a glimpse at them below.

Paris Themed Cakes
Paris Themed Cakes 2


Hope you liked the cake designs of the Paris Cake theme. We will keep trying to give best quality of cakes, and their designs for all your events/parties, etc. Don’t forget to share this article across any of the social media.

Happy Decorating!

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