16 Hippopotamus Cake Ideas Designs for fat people in 2022

When it comes to animal lovers, the hippopotamus is a common motif, and hippopotamus cakes are popular among both children and adults. Hippopotamus cakes, whether for a birthday or a baby shower, are guaranteed to lend raw energy to the celebration with their vibrant appeal. These cakes are available in a variety of sizes and looks, with tastes such as chocolate, cheese, fruit ‘n’ nut, cranberry, butter, peach ‘n’ cream, coconut, and others.

Reinvent your childhood treats with an amazing collection of hippopotamus  cake ideas including hippopotamus  cake topperhippopotamus  cake design, hippopotamus  cake recipe, hippopotamus  cakes, hippopotamus  cake pops, hippopotamus  birthday cakes and hippopotamus  cup cakes. This adorable hippopotamus cake is sure to be a success at any child’s birthday celebration.

1. Hippopotamus Cake Ideas

Take a look at some of the cutest hippopotamus cake ideas. Learn new decorating methods so you can make the finest homemade cake you have ever had!

Hippopotamus Cake Ideas
Hippopotamus Cake Ideas 2

2. Hippopotamus Cake Design

This Hippopotamus Birthday Cake is decorated in a variety of patterns and is ideal for celebrating children’s birthdays. Have a glimpse at our list of amazing hippopotamus cake designs.

Hippopotamus Cake Design
Hippopotamus Cake Design 2

3. Hippopotamus Cake Topper

The cool handmade hippo sugarpaste cake topper is made to order for your special occasion cakes decoration. The model stands around 3″ tall.

Hippopotamus Cake Topper
Hippopotamus Cake Topper 2

4. Hippo Birthday Cake

Vanilla buttermilk cake layers and homemade buttercream icing are used to make the charming baby hippo cake. A hippo cake for 40th birthday cake! Vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream. Putty Cakes are wonderful for any occasion.

Hippo Birthday Cake
Hippo Birthday Cake 2

5. Hippopotamus Cake Recipe

Making a hippopotamus cake is super easy. You could just ice the cake and garnish it with hippopotamus cake toppers or a fondant hippopotamus. Ingredients include unsalted butter, caster sugar, self-raising flour, baking powder, eggs, vanilla extract, chocolate powder and milk.

Hippopotamus Cake Recipe
Hippopotamus Cake Recipe 2

6. Hippo Cupcakes

Cute and adorable hippopotamus Cupcakes are such a delicacy that everyone would adore before eating. Here are some hippopotamus cupcake designs below. 

Hippo Cupcakes
Hippo Cupcakes 2

7. Hippopotamus Cakes

Take a look at some of the cutest hippopotamus cake ideas for your little one. Learn new decorating methods so you can make the finest homemade cake you have ever had!

Hippopotamus Cakes
Hippopotamus Cakes 2

8. Hippopotamus Cake Pops

What a fantastic party with The Hippopotamus! 1 dozen (12) gourmet cake pops covered with fondant and sugar melts, made to order Delicious Hippopotamus Cakes. These Cake Pops may be used as party favours.

Hippopotamus Cake Pops
Hippopotamus Cake Pops 2


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