15 Goblin Cakes Designs Ideas Images Recipes in 2022

This Halloween day, grab a slice of our Goblin Cake and start “goblining” it up! Is it a goblin decoration or a goblin-shaped cake that qualifies as a goblin cake? For Halloween, a contoured cake pan with a menacing ghost is crafted of high-quality aluminium for uniform heat distribution and long-lasting sturdiness. Impress your guests with these simple cake decorating ideas that will please all of your party’s ghouls and goblins.

If you are looking for such amazing goblin cakes, then you are at the right place! We have come up with lovely goblin cakes ideas, goblin cakes images, goblin cake design, goblin cake recipe, green goblin cakes, goblin cake topper, goblin themed cakes and goblin cake decoration ideas. And along with these, we have also listed down some brilliant decoration ideas for goblin cakes.

1. Goblin Cake Design

On our website, we have got for you a collection of magnificent Goblin Cake Design picture ideas that will help you create bespoke cake designs for upcoming birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Goblin Cake Design
Goblin Cake Design 2

2. Goblin Cake Recipe

Toss the flour mixture with the chocolate, milk, and melted butter. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat for 1 minute with an electric mixer. Bake the cake dough with eggs and vanilla extract. It’s finally here! This is a fantastic goblin cake!

Goblin Cake Recipe
Goblin Cake Recipe 2

3. Green Goblin Cakes

Green Goblin and Spider-Man birthday cake featuring fondant figures in butter cream. Purchase a wonderfully personalised cake topper to make your celebration even more memorable. You may also keep it by attaching it to a canvas or shadow box after removing the acrylic sticks.

Green Goblin Cakes
Green Goblin Cakes 2

4. Goblin Cake Topper

High-quality cardboard, transparent acrylic sticks, led flashing lights, and gorgeous decorations for the shaker are used to make the cake toppers.

Goblin Cake Topper
Goblin Cake Topper 2

5. Goblin Cake Ideas

Try one of our Halloween cake ideas for a ghoulish twist on your fear with these dessert ideas adorned with ghosts, goblins, and ghouls from our website.

Goblin Cake Ideas
Goblin Cake Ideas 2

6. Goblin Themed Cake

Decorate your cake with this Edible Cake Topper Image from The Spiderwick Chronicles, depicting Jared, Mallory, and Goblin from the movie cover!

Goblin Themed Cake
Goblin Themed Cake 4

7. Goblin Birthday Cake

This delightful and “scary” dessert is perfect for a Halloween or fall celebration. These purple people eating birthday cakes are constructed with vanilla cake mix and are perfect for birthday celebrations!

Goblin Birthday Cake
Goblin Birthday Cake 2

8. Goblin Cake Decoration Ideas

Combine 2 3/4 cups frosting and the food colouring in a small mixing bowl. Frost the cupcakes using a piping tip. Place a cake ball on top of each one. Attach the horns with melted candy.

Goblin Cake Decoration Ideas
Goblin Cake Decoration Ideas 2


Hope you all loved the goblin cake ideas and images on our website. We will do our best to match the frosted cake decoration to the theme of different types of cakes. Stay tuned to this website for more such amazing ideas and do share the post on all social media platforms.

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