17 Cinderella Cake Designs Ideas Decorations in 2022

Welcome to Cinderella and her glass slipper’s enchanted realm. Cinderella, one of the most beautiful Disney princesses, is loved by girls of all ages, more specifically the little ones. What could be more exciting for little girls than to see a Cinderella cake on her special day! So what are you waiting for? Surprise your little princess with the Cinderella themed cakes on her bid day. Discover a lovely assortment of cakes that have been painted in Cinderella’s hues.

1. Cinderella Cake Design Pink

Turn your child’s birthday into a fairytale with the beautiful pink Cinderella cake, adorned with pink swirls of icing for her gown.

Cinderella Cake Design Pink
Cinderella Cake Design Pink 2

2. Cinderella Cake Design 1 Layer

If your precious little angel is a Cinderella fanatic, gift her with the charming Cinderella cake to make her birthday a smash hit! Have a look at the gorgeous designs below.

Cinderella Cake Design 1 Layer
Cinderella Cake Design 1 Layer 2

3. Cinderella Cake Design 2 Tier

Haven’t you dreamt of your daughter’s first birthday cake to be a stunning Princess Castle? Get the two-tiered Princess Cinderella themed fondant cake with a stunning tiara and shoe.

Cinderella Cake Design 2 Tier
Cinderella Cake Design 2 Tier 2

4. Princess Cinderella Cake Design

This gorgeous beautiful Cinderella cake will astonishingly catch the attention of everyone at the party, making your young princess feel extra special on her birthday. The child will squeal with delight at the gorgeous cake design and the adorable Cinderella doll.

Princess Cinderella Cake Design
Princess Cinderella Cake Design 2

5. Cinderella Themed Cake Design

With the popularity of Cinderella themed doll cakes for celebrating the little girls’ birthdays, here is another one to bring more elegance and enjoyment to your celebrations. The cake’s white and pink flower decorations make it an ideal choice for them.

Cinderella Themed Cake Design
Cinderella Themed Cake Design 2

6. Cinderella Doll Cake Design

Celebrate your daughter’s birthday with joy and enthusiasm by serving this delicious Cinderella Doll Cake. This cake, prepared by a pastry master, will put a grin on her face right away.

Cinderella Doll Cake Design
Cinderella Doll Cake Design 2

7. Birthday Cinderella Cake Design

The majority of children are enthralled by the magical realm of storytelling. Girls, on the other hand, are more prone to be fascinated by fairy tales and the characters who appear in them. If your little girl adores Princess Cinderella, you might wish to bring a Cinderella birthday cake to the party.

Birthday Cinderella Cake Design
Birthday Cinderella Cake Design 2

8. Cinderella Castle Cake Design

A princess castle cake is a terrific design to have in your collection, as princess theme birthday celebrations are a major favourite with small girls. Enjoy the exceptional taste of Princess Cinderella Castle cake prepared for your loved ones on special occasions. Give royal treatment to your guests with this amazing dessert.

Cinderella Castle Cake Design
Cinderella Castle Cake Design 2


I hope you like these beautiful Cinderella cake designs from our website for your birthday celebration. We’ll be back with a new range of high-quality cakes and designs for your special occasions. Simply remain up to date with us and share the article with your friends and family. Have a nice day.

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