Do you have a sweet tooth for cake but a hankering for pie? With apple-pie sweetness combined into a moist sheet cake, this delectable delicacy blends the best of both worlds. This is the perfect treat to conclude your day, whether you have vanilla ice cream on hand or not.

These cakes are a perfect treat to go for a party! So, here we are with a list of apple pie cake ideas if you wanna go for these cakes. We have got ideas such as apple pie cakes and desserts, mini apple pie cakes, grandbaby cakes apple pie, apple pie cupcakes, apple pie cake topper, apple pie cake recipe, pie maker apple custard tea cakes and cakes with apple pie filling. Go through these cakes now. Do not miss the fun!

1. Apple Pie Cakes and Desserts

Is it a pie or a cake when it comes to apple pie cake? It’s both of them! Be it any season, this sweet, cinnamon-y, moist pastry is a favourite! This apple pie cake recipe brings the best of both worlds together: a soft, spongy cake meets a sticky apple pie filling, and the rest is history.

Apple Pie Cakes and Desserts
Apple Pie Cakes and Desserts 2

2. Mini Apple Pie Cakes

These Mini Apple Pies are simple to make and include a handmade apple pie filling. This is the ideal fall for small treat! This wonderfully poppable recipe for Muffin Tin Mini Apple Pies, which features a quick-fix homemade pie crust, gives a bite-sized twist to a dessert staple. Mini apple cakes are a small cake created with a caramel sauce, apple pieces, and a basic spiced cake batter on top.

Mini Apple Pie Cakes
Mini Apple Pie Cakes 2

3. Grandbaby Cakes Apple Pie

This Mulled Wine Apple Cobbler is a fall dessert made with crisp apples, toasty cinnamon, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a buttery biscuit topping. Red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be used to your favourite pie crust to make it less difficult. But fall baking isn’t only about pies, as these wonderful Spiced Cider Apple Cakes with Brown Butter Frosting – Grandbaby Cakes demonstrate.

Grandbaby Cakes Apple Pie
Grandbaby Cakes Apple Pie 2

4. Apple Pie Cupcakes

These delectable tiny bites are always a hit. They have the same flavour as an apple pie, but are smaller and easier to eat. They’re fantastic to bring to a party.

Apple Pie Cupcakes
Apple Pie Cupcakes 2

5. Apple Pie Cake Topper

This apple pie cake recipe is made up of three layers: yellow cake, apple pie filling, and heavenly topping. In your cake pan, pour one on top of the other. If you want to go all out, dust the dessert lavishly with powdered sugar before serving.

Apple Pie Cake Topper
Apple Pie Cake Topper 2

6. Apple Pie Cake Recipe

It’s really easy to create; all you have to do is use a yellow cake mix because it’s intended to be a fast cake. The yellow cake, apples, and topping are the three layers of this pie cake. It’s really amazing!

Apple Pie Cake Recipe
Apple Pie Cake Recipe 2

7. Pie Maker Apple Custard Tea Cakes

Apple and custard doughnuts made by the pie maker! These fluffy cinnamon doughnuts with warm apple slices and fresh custard are baked in a Kmart pie maker. This simple recipe, excellent for afternoon tea, transforms Nanna’s old-fashioned apple cinnamon custard cake into a pie.

Pie Maker Apple Custard Tea Cakes
Pie Maker Apple Custard Tea Cakes 2

8. Cakes with Apple Pie Filling

If you want to wow your family this holiday season, this incredible 3-layer Apple Pie Cake is the way to go! A delightful apple pie filling is sandwiched between soft vanilla bean cake layers, all of which are topped with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

Cakes with Apple Pie Filling 3
Cakes with Apple Pie Filling 2


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