15 Cable Cake Designs Decorations in 2023

Cable knit cakes have always been special to us because it reminds us of somebody who knits us clothes or anything related. The Best Cake Design Team has officially picked the following Cake Designs, which are visually gorgeous and may be prepared for formal events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

This time, we have brought to you Simple White Cable Tier Cake Designs, Chocolate Cable Cakes, Cable Themed Birthday Cake Designs, Creative Cable Cake Designs, Intricate Cable Cake Designs, Cute Cable Cake Designs and more for you to take inspiration from. Use these designs to bring a smile to anybody’s face.

Decorating Items For Cable Cake

Decorating the cakes we bake is such a satisfying process. It just calms our souls and makes them smile, We have gathered the best decor ideas for your delicious cakes. They go like,

  1. White cream frosting
  2. Fondant
  3. Cake toppers
  4. Ganache
  5. Buttercream

Simple White Cable Tier Cake Designs

These Simple White Cable Tier Cake Designs are just so aesthetically pleasing to all our eyes. They give out such a cosy vibe and make us think twice before eating the cake because of its beauty.

Simple White Cable Tier Cake Designs 2
Simple White Cable Tier Cake Designs

Chocolate Cable Cakes

Chocolate anything is so good. By making them Chocolate cable cakes, there wouldn’t be anyone that is not impressed. These are so eye-catchy and delicious to eat.

Chocolate Cable Cakes
Chocolate Cable Cakes2

Cable Themed Birthday Cake Designs

If you have a cable birthday themed party, then Cable Themed Birthday Cake Designs will be super proper for them. These cakes are so thoughtful and amazing.

Cable Themed Birthday Cake Designs 1
Cable Themed Birthday Cake Designs 11

Cable Wire Cake Designs

Cable Wire Cake Designs are so creative and innovative. These cakes are also super simple to make. They bring out the finesse and the sills of the baker.

Cable Wire Cake Design
Cable Wire Cake Designs

Creative Cable Cake Designs

Creative Cable Cake Designs are next-level cake design ideas for you to use on your special occasions. These cakes can be decorated with fondant, Coloured frostings and cake bread.

Creative Cable Cake Designs
Creative Cable Cake Designs 2

Intricate Cable Cake Designs

Intricate Cable Cake Designs can only be made by a true baker. It is not that simple but it is worth all the efforts that are taken. These cakes will be the centre of attraction at any party.

Intricate Cable Cake Designs 3
Intricate Cable Cake Designs

Cable Cake Designs For Grandma

We all have one grandma that keeps knitting anywhere she goes, in our lives, These cakes are just perfect to celebrate her birthdays. Bake these Cable Cake Designs for your Grandma

Cable Cake Designs For Grandma
Conceptual Cable Cake Designs

Cute Cable Cake Designs

How cute are these cakes? These extremely Cute Cable Cake Designs will be apt if you have a toddler running around your house. Make these for them on their special day.

Cute Cable Cake Designs
Cute Cable Cake Designs 2


I hope our team catered for your cake designing needs. Do share our page with your friends and families if you feel we can help them out too. Feel free to browse through our numerous other designs on the website. Make use of these amazing cake designs to add personalisation to your cake. Have an amazing day!

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