14 Treasure Cake Design Ideas, Toppers, Images in 2022

In Western countries, a treasure chest cake is a common birthday cake concept. The treasure chest, which represents buried wealth, is an integral feature of all common ideas about criminals from the old world. Treasure box cakes are popular because they evoke a feeling of mystery and adventure. If the birthday or other party’s theme is pirate, this is an excellent pick.

We have come up with a list of treasure cake ideas that contains a variety of topics like: treasure cake recipe, treasure cake design, treasure cake ideas, treasure cake topper, treasure cake fondant, treasure cake mold, kpop treasure cake design and treasure cake pictures. Take a glimpse through the article to have a look at them!

Treasure Cake Decoration Ideas

It could be entertaining to decorate a treasure chest cake. Arrange the candies and chocolates in the chest in a haphazard manner. Making a chocolate cake is always recommended to match the colour of the real treasure chest. Take a look at the photographs below to get a sense of what this cake concept is all about.

1. Treasure Cake Recipe

Birthday Cake with a Treasure Chest is a perfectly finished cake. Chocolate cake with toasted marshmallow filling on the bottom, rice krispie treats on top.

Treasure Cake Recipe
Treasure Cake Recipe 2

2. Treasure Cake Design

Take a look at some of the best designs of homemade Treasure chest cakes. There are also a lot of homemade cake design ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration to be found.

treasurecakedesign 2

3. Treasure Cake Ideas

This rich treasure cake is a clever addition to a pirate-themed party, brimming with candy coins and jewellery.

Treasure Cake Ideas

4. Treasure Cake Topper

To add another dimension to your celebration, make a 3D Treasure Chest cake. And keep in mind that the cake’s color, size, and design are indicative in nature. With a Pirate Flag and a Shove, Pirate, fondant Pirate Boy and Treasure Chest with Golden Coins Cake Topper.

Treasure Cake Topper
Treasure Cake Topper 2

5. Treasure Cake Fondant

Making and designing a chocolate fondant icing treasure chest birthday cake would be ideal for a kid’s birthday celebration.

Treasure Cake Fondant

6. Treasure Cake Mold

All small pirates will like this chocolate mould! Wrap in foil for “Pirate Treasure” in kids party bags. Treasure cake molds are ideal for cupcake toppers, general treats, or wrapping in foil for “Pirate Treasure” in kids party bags.

Treasure Cake Mold
Treasure Cake Mold 2

7. Kpop Treasure Cake Design

Here are several K-Pop-themed desserts that are not only delicious but also beautiful to look at! These cakes are usually simple in form and tiny enough to fit into a small takeaway container. This kpop-themed cake fulfils all of our expectations and more!

Kpop Treasure Cake Design
kpop design

8. Treasure Cake Pictures

Here is a list of stunning treasure cake pictures that we have gathered from a huge assortment of cake pictures only for you!

Treasure Cake Pictures
Treasure Cake Pictures 2


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