Princess Leia Cake Designs in 2023

A Simple Princess Leia Birthday Cake for a Serious Star Wars Fan! Is your little princess absolutely obsessed with star wars fan? Does she love princess too? What to do? Well, princess Leia cake is the best option in such cases. Star Wars inspired cakes are the perfect way to commemorate the beloved series. We are with princess Leia Designer cake ideas that include princess leia cake topper, princess leia birthday cake, princess leia designer cakes, princess leia cakes, princess leia cupcakes, cute princess leia cake designs and princess Leia wedding cakes. Look at the stunning designs below and start your baking now.

1. Princess Leia Cake Topper

Decorate your Cake with the LEGO Star Wars themed Edible Cake Topper Image featuring Princess Leia! Princess Leia bobble head every single time we have seen it, use it as the cake topper and surprise your guests.

Princess Leia Cake Topper
Princess Leia Cake Topper 2

2. Princess Leia Birthday Cake

The Princess Leia Star Wars Cake is an ideal cake for when your daughter loves Star Wars. Gift your little princess a cute princess Leia birthday cake on her special day!

Princess Leia Birthday Cake
Princess Leia Birthday Cake 2

3. Princess Leia Theme Cake

Feel the birthday force with the personalized princess Leia and Star Wars cake. This lovely Princess Leia Cake features Princess Leia lounging on a tiny Death Star.

Princess Leia Theme Cake
Princess Leia Theme Cake 2

4. Princess Leia Designer Cakes

Princess Leia cakes consist of a chocolate cupcake base and vegan white frosting. It’s the perfect Star Wars cake.

Princess Leia Designer Cakes
Princess Leia Theme Cake 2 1

5. Princess Leia Cakes

For all the Star Wars fans who love Princess Leia, you are going to love these princess Leia cakes.

Princess Leia Cakes
Princess Leia Cakes 2

6. Princess Leia Cupcakes

Make your cute princess Leia cupcakes using a box cake mix or your favourite homemade cake recipe with some white buttercream frosting and red food color or some cute cherries on top!

Princess Leia Cupcakes
Princess Leia Cupcakes 2

7. Cute Princess Leia Cake Designs

You can easily make princess leia cake designs- due to the shape of this cake, we can only make this cake using a vanilla sponge, and a range of fillings for the layers. Get the amazing design ideas here on our website.

Cute Princess Leia Cake Designs
Cute Princess Leia Cake Designs 2

8. Princess Leia Wedding Cakes

Need wedding ideas? Get the adorable princess Leia wedding cakes for your lovely couple‚Äôs anniversary with 100% handmade Han Solo and Princess Leia wedding cake toppers. Han Solo and Princess Leia’s ongoing romance is one of the most iconic cinematic couples.

Princess Leia Wedding Cakes
Princess Leia Wedding Cakes 2


I hope these cute princess leia cake designs on our website, proved to be a delight for your birthday bash. We will be back with another amazing set of quality cakes and designs for your special events. Just stay updated with us and do share the post on all social media platforms! Happy Decorating!

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