14 Trending Platypus Cake Designs Images in 2022

Inspired by your child’s favourite stuffed platypus toy, platypus cakes are a wonderful choice when it comes to your little one’s birthday party or any other special event. Children, especially the older ones, love this renowned character from Disney’s “Phineas and Ferb.” Send several frosted cakes to your child’s school on his birthday, with Perry sitting on top of it to thrill the kids.

Gift your little one a cute platypus themed cake to make his birthday a delight! We have got for you platypus cake décor ideas, perry the platypus cakes ideas, Platypus Cake Designs, Platypus Cake Images, Platypus Themed Cake, Duck-billed Platypus Cake, Platypus Cake Pictures and Platypus Cake Topper. Take a glimpse at these below:

Platypus Cake Decoration Ideas

Platypus cakes can be prepared in a number of different ways. You may decorate it with Ganache, white chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate and vanilla piping icing. Some more amazing ideas for platypus cake decorations are:

  1. Eyes and nose made with black fondant
  2. A hat for platypus
  3. A long flat nose made of yellow fondant
  4. Green grass like structures
  5. A blue sea like base with platypus lying on it
  6. A santa like cute mufflor on platypus’s neck

1. Platypus Cake Décor Ideas

Coat the cake in blue icing and then decorate it with Agent P’s distinctive headgear. He may either lie flat atop the vanilla-flavored treat, or the entire cake might be fashioned like Perry and topped with intriguing toppings.

Platypus Cake Decor Ideas
Platypus Cake Decor Ideas 2

2. Perry the Platypus Cakes

Enjoy seeing your kids’ faces light up when they see Perry the Platypus or Agent P sitting straight on their cake, wishing them a happy birthday.

Perry the Platypus Cakes
Perry the Platypus Cakes 2

3. Platypus Cake Designs

Here we have listed a collection of magnificent Platypus Cake Design photo ideas to help you create bespoke cake designs for upcoming birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Platypus Cake Designs
Platypus Cake Designs 2

4. Platypus Cake Images

Check out our platypus cake décor image collection for the greatest in one-of-a-kind or custom-made creations from our stores.

Platypus Cake Images
Platypus Cake Images 2

5. Platypus Themed Cake

If you are looking for a wonderfully adorable cake topper, this party animal theme cake could be just what you are searching for. A Platypus with a little more sparkle, complete with a personalised party hat!

Platypus Themed Cake
Platypus Themed Cake 2

6. Duck-billed Platypus Cake

Platypus with a Duck Bill! Cake designing and baking have become a lifelong hobby for many bakers. The Platypus is a civil wedding celebration cake with a twist – it has an Australian connection!!

Duck billed Platypus Cake
Duck billed Platypus Cake 2

7. Platypus Cake Pictures

These Platypus Cake pictures breaks down all the components of how to decorate a layer cake with buttercream flowers. It’s actually a very easy task!

Platypus Cake Pictures
Platypus Cake Pictures 2

8. Platypus Cake Topper

With the edible Cake Topper Image collection from below, you may make a birthday cake by choosing a size that fits your dessert!

Platypus Cake Topper
Platypus Cake Topper 2


We hope that you loved our collection of fabulous platypus cake designs and ideas on our website. Do visit our website for more such amazing quality cakes. And don’t forget to share the post on all social platforms. Happy Decorating! 

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