[Updated] 17 Pete’s Dragon Cake Designs Ideas in 2023

Pete’s dragon is such a cute dragon that any kid would love a cake that is made using pete’s dragon theme. It is such an adorable dessert for your kid. Kids are so fond of cute animals and dragons. Your kid would be surprised to see an amazing dinausour standing on his cake with some grasses under it! Give this delightful gift to your child with the amazing ideas for your cake below.

1. Pete’s Dragon Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes featuring a baby dragon design evoke the charm of childhood cartoons and mythology. On a cake, all your dreams of flying through the sky come true!

Petes Dragon Birthday Cake
Petes Dragon Birthday Cake 2

2. Pete’s Dragon Cake Design

Cake pictures let you decorate your cake quickly and easily without sacrificing quality. Seedling disney’s pete’s dragon create your own dragon kit is a lovely reworking of a Disney classic, Disney’s Pete’s Dragon.

Petes Dragon Cake Design
Petes Dragon Cake Design 2

3. Pete’s Dragon Cake Topper

Pete’s Dragon inspired handcrafted fondant Elliott Cake Topper! Choose between the tiny and giant dragons.

Petes Dragon Cake Topper
Petes Dragon Cake Topper2

4. Pete’s Dragon Cake Images

These fantastic images are ideal for a Pete’s Dragon themed party and will fit with just about any party theme you can think of.

Petes Dragon Cake Images
Petes Dragon Cake Images 2

5. Pete’s Dragon Cupcakes

Amaze your child with the cutest dragon on top of his or her birthday cupcake! Cupcakes are too adorable and these little pete’s dragons add on to the beauty of these cute cupcakes for any special event!

Petes Dragon Cupcakes
Petes Dragon Cupcakes 2

6. Pete’s Dragon Cake Pops

Pete’s Dragon cookie pops are simple and quick to make. Place a sandwich cookie on a lollipop stick and top with colourful icing and candy “google” eyes.

Petes Dragon Cake Pops

7. Pete’s Dragon Theme Cakes

Take a look at some of the cutest pete’s dragon theme cake ideas for your little one. Learn new decorating methods so you can make the finest homemade cake you have ever had!

Petes Dragon Theme Cakes
Petes Dragon Theme Cakes 2

8. Pete’s Dragon Cake Ideas

Take a look at some of the cutest pete’s dragon cake ideas. Learn new decorating methods so you can make the finest homemade cake you have ever had!

Petes Dragon Cake Ideas
Petes Dragon Cake Ideas 2


I hope you loved the pete’s dragon cake ideas and images on our website. We will continue to strive to provide the highest quality cakes and designs for all of your events/parties, etc. Don’t forget to share this post on all social media platforms. Stay tuned for more such amazing theme cake design ideas!

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