[New] 12 Cute Panda Cake Designs Images for Birthday in 2023

Panda’s are loved by so many people. Some even say that pandas are their soul animal. Children just love pandas like no other. If you’re trying to bring a smile to their faces then, Panda cakes can be the cutest edible gifts to get kids excited and enthusiastic. Go through the whole blog to get a better idea about this.

These kung fu panda cake designs and DIY cakes are super attractive. Kids these days love to feel special and personalised cakes are known to make them feel that way. We have put together plenty of designs like cake designs for a baby girl and a boy, Simple and Cute panda designs and panda cupcake ideas for you. Any kind of occasion can be celebrated with these adorable looking cakes.

Decoration Ideas for Panda Cakes

These decor ideas are well-curated and will make your cake look gorgeous. These yummy cakes will immediately make your loved ones happy after looking at them. Try these ideas out for your cakes.

  1. Panda print toppers
  2. Edible leaves
  3. Twisters
  4. Number toppers
  5. Macarons
  6. Panda dummy

Kung fu Panda Cake Designs

Kung fu pandas cakes are kids’ muse. These toppers are easy to decorate and taste really good when eaten. It makes the whole day unforgettable. Bring them happiness on their special day by making these cakes.

kung fu panda cake design
kung fu panda cake design 2

Panda Cake Designs for a GIRL

Got a girl who is in love with pandas? You’re confused about how to decorate her cake? Well, the best thing you can gift her for something special is these panda cakes for girls.

panda cake deigns for girls
panda cake deigns for girls 2

Panda Cake Designs for a Baby Boy

Boys are huge panda fans. These panda cakes for boys will make their day extra special and memorable. Check these images out and customise them according to your wish.

panda cakes for boys
panda cakes for boys 2

Panda Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are a very remarkable day to everyone on earth. These birthdays must be celebrated very well. But, what even are birthdays without cakes? Do these cakes to impress your favourite people with these panda birthday cakes.

panda birthday cakes
panda birthday cakes 2

DIY Panda Cakes

DIY panda cakes are right on trend now. Go grab all your baking essentials and start baking these very simple but elegant cakes effortlessly. Add the twisters to enhance the look.

diy panda cakes
diy panda cakes 2

Simple Panda Cake Designs

Simple panda cakes are always eye-catchy. Though they are named as simple, they are super attractive and appealing to one’s eye. These cakes will definitely bring a smile to anybody’s face.

simple panda cakes
simple panda cakes 2

Cute Panda Cakes

Look at these cute panda cakes! They will never fail to make everybody ”aww!” These are just too pretty to be even cut. Make them and enjoy with your loved ones.

cute panda cakes
cute panda cakes 2

Panda Cup Cakes

Cupcakes are everybody’s love and if they customise in panda style, then they’ll love it even more! These adorable panda cupcakes will melt the hearts.

cup cakes
Panda cupcakes


I hope all these cake designs helped to decorate your desired cakes. There are numerous other ideas on our website for you to browse and take a look at. This website is a one-stop for all your cake design discoveries.

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