12 Mixed Fruit Cake Designs Images in 2022

Do you have a craving for mixed cakes? Then go for it. Mixed cakes are a blend of different flavours added together, to get that amazing taste of fruits. Mixed cakes are a perfect go to option when it comes to a birthday party or any other event. Mixed cakes are liked by people of all ages. While children get happy to get the colorful mixed cakes, the old people are no less likely to love the texture and blend of colors and flavours.

We have got for you a wide collection of mixed cake ideas such as  Woolworths mixed cakes, box of mixed cakes, balcony mini mixed cakes, festive trio of mixed cakes, mixed fruit fairy cakes, mixed fruit cake, mixed cake recipe and mixed cake images. Don’t wait anymore. Have a look at them now!

1. Woolworths Mixed Cakes

Woolworths’ variety celebration cake is worth a look. Woolworths has a wonderful selection of Cakes available online. Pick it at your local shop or have it delivered right to your door.

Woolworths Mixed Cakes
Woolworths Mixed Cakes 2

2. Box of Mixed Cakes

The Mixed Cake Box is a wonderful handcrafted present for any occasion. The Mixed Box includes one wonderful slice of each exquisite cake, allowing you to eat the whole collection.

Box of Mixed Cakes
Box of Mixed Cakes 2

3. Balconi Mini Mixed Cakes

Original Balconi sponge cake with a delectable chocolate covering and a rich cream filling! Find out what the components are. It will be love at first bite if you try it.

Balconi Mini Mixed Cakes
Balconi Mini Mixed Cakes 2

4. Festive Trio of Mixed Cakes

Impress your guests with this merry trio of diverse cakes, including a golden sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, wrapped in soft frosting; a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, topped in soft icing; and a rich fruit cake laced with brandy and coated in marzipan and icing. All are completed with delicious ornaments that will please both young and elderly.

Festive Trio of Mixed Cakes
Festive Trio of Mixed Cakes 2

5. Mixed Fruit Fairy Cakes

Fruity buns can be made using chopped cherries, apricots, or other dried fruit. For jammy buns, spread a glob of jam over half of the mixture, then top with the other half. For banana buns and butterfly cakes, cut a circle out of the top of the bun and fill it with buttercream. Now, you are ready with your mixed fruit fairy cakes!

Mixed Fruit Fairy Cakes
Mixed Fruit Fairy Cakes 2

6. Mixed Fruit Cake

Combine the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl. Combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix in the butter until it resembles sand. Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing dish.

Mixed Fruit Cake
Mixed Fruit Cake 2

7. Mixed Cake Recipe

Cake batter can be prepared in a number of different ways. Each approach is based on certain ingredients and yields a distinct final product. Blended cakes are often made with oil rather than butter, as it’s easier for the oil to mix with the rest of the components.

Mixed Cake Recipe
Mixed Cake Recipe 2

8. Mixed Cakes Images

Browse through our huge collection of mixed cake images available on our website. They are too adorable to look at and too delicious to eat when you bake one.

Mixed Cakes Images
Mixed Cakes Images 2


We hope you guys loved the amazing mixed cake designs on our website that we have collected for you. Stay tuned with the website to get more amazing theme cake design ideas for your special events and parties. And if you really like the designs, do share the post on all the social platforms.

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