Ludo Cake Designs, Images and Decoration Ideas in 2022

Ludo is a game that brings back memories for everyone because we used to play it a lot as kids, with the whole family, and had a lot of fun with it. So, resurrect those joyful recollections from the past with the best ludo cake, ludo photo cake, ludo birthday cake, ludo star cake, ludo cake without fondant . Send the amazing cakes with a ludo inspiration to a loved one and give them the best surprise of their lives.

In addition to ludo cake design and ludo cake images, we also offer several recipes for decorating your amazing ludo birthday cake i.e; ludo cake recipe. Since crafting ludo cakes may be tough at times, we have come up with a list of simple and modern ludo cake designs. Cakes are the ideal method to express your feelings in the shape of a tasty treat. If you believe someone in your family or circle of friends deserves to be named Ludo King, these amazing Ludo cakes can help. Give them this cake and watch their eyes sparkle.

Ludo Cake Decoration Ideas

Ludo cakes can be delectable in a variety of ways. Because it’s game-time, you may dress it up with white snow-like cream, red, blue, yellow and green buttons and ludo patterns, and other decorations. Here are some items that may be used as Ludo cake decorations.

  1. Ludo tags
  2. Colorful cream topping
  3. A dummy ludo dice
  4. ‘LUDO KING’ shaped text on the cake side
  5. A dummy crown on the text
  6. Dummy red, blue, yellow and green buttons
  7. A rounded fence type structure made of chocolates
  8. Using gems toffee as toppings

1. Ludo Cake Design

Ludo cakes are fun at bachelors’/ kids’ parties or even family parties, where all family members sit together and enjoy their old memories of playing ludo. If you are looking for Ludo Cake Designs, you have come to the correct site. Take a look at the incredible designs right now.

2. Ludo Cake Images

If you are looking for Ludo cake images to use as a status update or to share on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, here is the place to go. Use these graphics to personalise your game-time celebrations.

3. Ludo Cake

Ludo is a game that brings back memories for everyone. Give a loved one the finest surprise of their lives by sending this Ludo-inspired Cake. Allow this incredibly scrumptious ludo cake to bring frenzy and excitement to your party, as well as make your day a lot more fantastic and exciting.

4. Ludo Photo Cake

If you are looking for Ludo photo cakes for a ludo king winner’s birthday bash, here is a list of beautiful Ludo Cake Design photo ideas to help you create bespoke ludo photo cake designs for your next birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

5. Ludo Cake Recipe

A ludo cake recipe is as straightforward as it appears to be. You just need the following: Molds offer high-quality, food-safe moulded plastic that allows you to quickly create beautiful ludo pieces, dice, and buttons. All-purpose flour, white sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, cornstarch, whipping cream, unsweetened cocoa powder, confectioners’ sugar are included in the ingredients.

6. Ludo Cake Without Fondant

Many people don’t like fondant. So, look for a lovely cake with a Ludo motif, made of simple creams without the use of fondant. Cakes are a must-have for any occasion or celebration since they bring joy and sweetness to any gathering. There are cakes made with bread and cream as the main ingredient (without the use of any fondant), and covered with ludo game-like toppings for Ludo fans. If you enjoy this game, this cake is for you.

ludo cake designs 12
via Instagram @trendytaste_by_ruchi

7. Ludo Birthday Cake

Gift this ludo theme created cake to your friends and family to relive the past summer vacations when you played this indoor game with your friends and family. Enjoy feeling their excitement with this scrumptious dessert.

8. Ludo Star Cake

How would it be if your ludo cake is sprinkled with some star toppings? These star cakes are really amazing for your ludo king star! What could be better than a ludo star cake for a ludo champion. Here are some ideas for ludo star cakes.


I hope you like the Ludo cake designs on our website. We will continue to strive to provide the highest quality cakes and designs for all of your events/parties, etc. Don’t forget to share this post on all social media platforms.

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