The manga was initially serialised in December 1969, and Shogakukan published it from 1970 to 1996, with 1,345 individual chapters bundled into 45 tank volumes. The plot follows Doraemon, an earless robotic cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century to save a little boy called Nobita Nobi. Doraemon was created, a toy that would never annoy or anger Nobita.

We have brought to you Doremon birthday cakes, Doraemon Cup Cakes, Doraemon Cake Toppers, Cartoon Doraemon Cakes, Doraemon Theme Cakes, Doraemon Face Cakes, Easy Doraemon Cakes, Traditional Doraemon Cakes with a lot of inspiring photos for you to look at.

Doraemon Cake Decorations

Decoration of anything is the most exciting part for everyone as it gives out a sense of completion and satisfaction. Here are a few decor ideas you can try on your cakes

  1. Doremon cake toppers
  2. Name toppers
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Macarons
  5. A fondant bow and more such.

Doraemon Birthday Cakes

These are amazing Doraemon Birthday Cakes for your kids. These cakes can be decorated with cute doremon cutouts and cake dummies. Make the cakes special by adding your kids’ names and ages to them.

Doraemon Birthday Cakes
Doraemon Birthday Cakes 2

Doraemon Cup Cakes

Look at these Doraemon Cup Cakes. The can act as a great element to your doremon themed party or just for a quick bite or snack. These cupcakes will immediately bring a smile to anybody’s face.

Doraemon Cup Cakes
Doraemon Cup Cakes 2

Doraemon Cake Toppers

Doraemon Cake Toppers add so much character to the cake. These cutouts and cake dummies can make your cake look extremely attractive and on the theme.

Doraemon Cake Toppers
Doraemon Cake Toppers 2

Cartoon Doraemon Cakes

These Cartoon Doraemon Cakes can be decorated with blue fondants and a few sprinklers. These cakes can be made beautiful with your preferred decor items.

cartoon doaremon cakes
cartoon doaremon cakes 2

Doraemon Face Cakes

Doraemon Face Cakes are just so cute and beautiful to look at. These cakes can be decorated with blue fondant or blue coloured frostings. The candle can be placed on the sides to make it look different and unique.

Doraemon Face Cakes
Doraemon Face Cakes 2

Doraemon Theme Cakes

These Doraemon Theme Cakes are best suited for the themed parties. You can use a wide variety of colours to match your child’s preference.

Doraemon Theme Cake
doraemon theme cakes

Easy Doraemon Cakes

Easy Doraemon Cakes are made so easily with the required topping and fondant. These cakes can be beautified with macaroons and other toppers.

easy doraemon cakes
easy doraemon cakes 2

Traditional Doraemon Cakes

Traditional Doraemon Cakes are in the pictures here. These doremon cakes give out a very classic vibe. Bake these cakes for your kid’s birthday parties to see them smile wide.

traditional doraemon cakes
traditional doraemon cakes 2


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