Are you crazy for cats and kittens? Are you a die-hard pet lover? Then you are sure to get happy with the cute cat cakes on your special day. A life-size cat cake makes a terrific party centerpiece at your event! Our assortment of beautiful cat theme cake ideas has different designer cakes and comes in unique flavours and designs.  The list of ideas include cat cake design for girl, cat cake design for boy, simple cat cake design, black cat cake design, cute cat cake design ideas, cute cat cake design, and cat cake topper.  Take a glance at them below.

1. Cat Cake Design For Girl

The masterpiece sculpted cat shaped cake creates a hyper realistic cat cake replica of the birthday girl’s funny friend.

Cat Cake Design For Girl
Cat Cake Design For Girl 2

2. Cat Cake Design For Boy

A round and oval shaped cake together with little fondant ears and paws come together in a wonderful cat shaped cake design for boys on their birthdays.

Cat Cake Design For Boy
Cat Cake Design For Boy 2

3. Simple Cat Cake Design

A simple cat cake design- perfect if you have to whip up a cat cake in a hurry. You are good to go!

Simple Cat Cake Design
Simple Cat Cake Design 2

4. Black Cat Cake Design

Bring in the family and create an awesome black cat by stacking 2 cakes and a cupcake for the head and icing the cakes with butter cream. Create fondant decorations to take home your Halloween kitty!

Black Cat Cake Design
Black Cat Cake Design 2

5. Beautiful Cat Theme Cakes

Bright pastels and even neon shades set off the two fabulous tiered cat cakes and especially pink and purple that make the perfect color combination to showcase the beautiful little kitten cake.

Beautiful Cat Theme Cakes
Beautiful Cat Theme Cakes 2

6. Cute Cat Cake Design Ideas

Whether as a cake topper, a shaped cake or a sculpted cat cake, there are endless ways to incorporate “cattiness” into a beautiful cake design. Get the outstanding cat cake designs below.

Cute Cat Cake Design 2
Cute Cat Cake Design 2 1

7. Cute Cat Cake Design

Puddy cat cakes and kitten cakes can make the most fabulous gift or birthday surprise for cat lovers and feline fans. They are the most adorable cakes ever!

Cute Cat Cake Design Ideas
Cute Cat Cake Design Ideas 2

8. Cat Cake Topper

The innocence of a little kitten is captured perfectly using the beautiful cat cake topper with vintage bunting, florals and wood paneling. This creates superb party cake with a tatty teddy kitty in a terrific cat cake design!

Cat Cake Topper
Cat Cake Topper 2


We hope you guys enjoyed the stunning cat cake designs and ideas that we have specially gathered for you on our website. Keep visiting the website for more fantastic theme cake design ideas for your special occasions and gatherings. And do share our post on all the social media sites if you really liked our work of creativity. Happy baking!

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