[New Designs] 14 Butter Cake Design Ideas for Birthday in 2023

A butter cake is a cake with butter as one of the primary ingredients. Butter cake is made using simple components such as butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and leavening agents like baking powder or baking soda. It is regarded as one of the most iconic cakes in the history of American baking. Our team has brought to you amazing butter cake designs!

By the end of the blog, you will get a detailed idea about simple butter cakes, icing butter cakes, BTS butter cakes, traditional butter cake designs, Modern buttercream cake design, Marble Butter cakes and Butter cupcakes! These are the kinds of treats that melt right after you put them into your mouths.

Decorating items for butter cakes

Here are a few decoration ideas that you can put your delightful butter cakes. They can be topped with so many things to make them beautiful and attractive. The list of things that can be used are,

  1. Colourful fruits
  2. Chocolate syrup
  3. Biscuit dust
  4. Nuts
  5. BTS member dummies etc.

Butter cake designs

Butter cakes are mostly everybody’s favourite. Topping them with colourful fruits here and there would make them absolutely delicious. Look at these butter cake designs for inspiration.

butter cake design
butter cake design2

Simple butter cake designs

Simple better cake designs are all over the blog. Everything is so simple and elegant to look at. The multi-coloured sprinkles give out such a cosy vibe to the cake.

simple butter cake
simple butter cake design

Butter icing cakes for birthdays

Butter cakes can be made and can be customised according to your likings and wishes. These butter icing cakes for birthdays are amazingly beautiful.

butter bday cake2
butter bday cake1

BTS butter cake

”Smooth like butter” is a famous lyric from a BTS song. Get your friend a butter themed BTS butter cake to make him/her extremely happy.

bts butter cake
bts butter cake2

Traditional butter cake

The traditional butter cakes look like the ones given in the picture. These are so delicious and are an absolute treat to the mouth.

traditional butter cake
traditional butter cake.2

Modern buttercream cake design

These are the Modern buttercream cake designs specially brought for you. The butterfly design on the cake makes it look so rich and posh.

buttercream cake2
buttercream cake

Butter cupcakes

Butter cupcakes are the best thing you can have on a Monday evening after a hectic day at work or something similar. Customise the frosting according to your wish.

butter cupcakes2
butter cupcakes

Marble Butter cake

These marble butter cakes are just so satisfying to look at. The making process will be even more aesthetic and beautiful to look at.

marble butter cake
marble butter cake2


I hope you enjoyed the results we’ve provided you within our blog. Feel free to go through our website, as we have numerous ideas for you to get inspired from. Grab your baking essentials and start baking! Have a great day.

Happy Baking!

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