Cake smash and Milestone Session! We are here to help you create beautiful moments that you will fall in love with again and over again. If you are an animal lover and that too cute ones, then possum cakes might prove your best go-to cake for any special event and celebration.

Cute animals like possum! How would it be to gift a possum themed cake to your loved one on his special day, whether it be a wedding, or a birthday or a graduation party or any other event. We have gathered a wide range of possum cake ideas such as possum cake topper, possum shaped cakes, possum wedding cakes, how to make  a possum cake, possum cake topper, possum pie, and possum cake images.

Possum Cake Decoration Ideas

Possum cakes can be prepared in a number of different ways. You may decorate it with Ganache, white chocolate buttercream, and vanilla piping icing. Some more amazing ideas for Possum cake decorations are:

  1. Eyes and nose made with black fondant
  2. A cute hat for possum
  3. Pink frosting around possums body
  4. Fondant-made bow on possums neck
  5. A tail like structure of possum
  6. A grass base made of fondant

1. Possum Cake Topper

Check out our possum cake topper collection for the absolute finest in unique or bespoke, handmade items from our cake toppers and picks businesses.

Possum Cake Topper
Possum Cake Topper 2

2. Possum Shaped Cakes

Possum shaped Cake is made in such a way that the possum’s body is red velvet cake, with fondant-sculpted head, feet, and tail, and multicoloured butter cream fur.

Possum Shaped Cakes
Possum Shaped Cakes 2

3. Possum Wedding Cakes

Two opossums stand out against a rainbow background in the handcrafted wedding cake topper. This topping is composed of non-toxic, air-drying modelling clay.

Possum Wedding Cakes
Possum Wedding Cakes 2

4. How to Make a Possum Cake

Making a possum cake is easy. The steps involve baking a 13 by 9 cake with the flavor of your choice and then cutting it in the shape of a possum and frosting it with white fondant and at last decorate it using decorating item. Hurray! The cake is ready!

How to Make a Possum Cake
How to Make a Possum Cake 2

5. Possum Cake Topper Ideas

We offer a large selection of Acrylic Cake Toppers and Edible Fondant Toppers to pick from on our website. Have a look below.

possumcaketopper 3
Possum Cake Topper Ideas 2

6. Possum Pie

Arkansas Possum Pie is a deliciously creamy, layered chocolate and cream cheese pie with a pecan shortbread crust.

Possum Pie
possumpie 2

7. Possum Themed Cake

Possums are such adorable animals that they would brighten up any dessert or celebration cake with their individuality.

Possum Themed Cake
Possum Themed Cake 2

8. Possum Cake Images

We have got an amazing collection of possum Cake images here for you, which will inspire you to get more cake ideas from our website for any birthday, wedding party or any event. 

Possum Cake Images
Possum Cake Images 2


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