Pink panther cake is a cake with a delicious cover of pink colour and filled with cream. It is ideal for children of all ages and specially kids. These pink panther cakes seem alive, with the famous cartoon character bursting out of 8 inch round cake! We are here with a stunning collection of pink panther cake ideas such as pink panther cake decoration images, pink panther birthday cake ideas, pink panther party ideas, pink panther cupcakes, pink panther cake recipe, pink panther cake decorating ideas, and pink panther cake images. Have a glance at them below.

1. Pink Panther Cake Decoration Images

The Pink Panther is a spongy biscuit filled with a heavy cream and covered with a pink frosting. When you take a small bite, the Pink Panther cake decoration is very cute and interesting

Pink Panther Cake Decoration Images
Pink Panther Cake Decoration Images 2

2. Pink Panther Cake Ideas

Baked and decorated with fresh cream and strawberries and home-made macrons, this pink panther cake turns out to be a beauty.

Pink Panther Cake Ideas
Pink Panther Cake Ideas 2

3. Pink Panther Birthday Cakes Ideas

The white chocolate drip and pink frosting is suitable for decorating cake desserts or other pastries, adding more joy to your birthday party.

Pink Panther Birthday Cakes Ideas
Pink Panther Birthday Cakes Ideas 2 1

4. Pink Panther Party Ideas

Whether you are after a rich chocolate cake, light sponge cake or special design icing cake, a cute panther cake is just perfect.

Pink Panther Party Ideas
Pink Panther Party Ideas 2

5. Pink Panther Cupcakes

A vanilla cake filed with vanilla and strawberry cream. All in pink! And cherries can be used to decorate these and then you are ready to surprise your guests with the cuteness!

Pink Panther Cupcakes
Pink Panther Cupcakes 2

6. Pink Panther Cake Recipe

Pink panther cake is as easy as tasty. You just need few ingredients: self raising flour, caster sugar, unsalted butter, icing sugar, and some cherries.

Pink Panther Cake Recipe
Pink Panther Cake Recipe 2

7. Pink Panther Cake Decorating Ideas

Choose this wonderful pink panther cake for guys. You can also have it for any of your special occasions. You can have it as a birthday cake as well.

Pink Panther Cake Decorating Ideas 1
Pink Panther Cake Decorating Ideas 2

8. Pink Panther Cake Images

We have got a wonderful collection of cute pink panther cakes only for you. You will surely love these designs that will make your baking even more easier.

Pink Panther Cake Images
Pink Panther Cake Images 2


I hope these cute pink panther cake designs on our website, proved to be a delight for your birthday bash. We will be back with another amazing set of quality cakes and designs for your special events. Just stay updated with us and do share the post on all social media platforms! Happy Decorating!

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