Merida, the brash yet the brave daughter of Scottish King Fergus and Queen Elinor, is a talented archer who aspires to forge her path in life. The Highland lords are enraged by her rejection of a centuries-old custom, and the realm descends into turmoil. Merida seeks the assistance of a strange witch, who grants her a cursed request. This movie has grabbed everyone’s interest, especially your child. So, we have gathered all the Brave Cake Designs in this blog for you.

You can see, Easy Brave Cake Designs, Brave Mini Cake Designs, Brave Birthday Cake Designs, Brave Curls Cake Designs, Brave Action Figure Cake Designs, Brave Printed Brave Cake Designs, Brave Cake Pops, in this blog. They will inspire you to bake the best cake for your loved ones.

Decorating Items For Brave Themed Cakes

Brave cakes can be decorated and beautified in multiple ways. With a properly organised thought and idea, You can decorate them in the best way possible. Try out these decor ideas to add beauty to your cakes.

  1. A name topper
  2. An age and a wish topper
  3. Brave character dummies
  4. Frostings and Ganache
  5. Fondants in multiple colours
  6. Orange curly hair
  7. Trees and bushes

Easy Brave Cake Designs

Easy brave cake designs are down here. The brave character doll right on top of the cake just makes the cake look so amazing and petty. These cakes can be made real quick and then you can enjoy them with your family.

Easy Brave Cake Designs2
Easy Brave Cake Designs

Brave Mini Cake Designs

These are Brave Mini Cake Designs that can be used for your brave themed birthday parties. The curly hair just adds more definition to the cake. The brown fondant used makes the cake look like tree bark.

Brave Mini Cake Designs1
Brave Mini Cake Designs

Brave Birthday Cake Designs

Brave Birthday Cake Designs will be apt for any brave themed birthday parties. These cakes can be cut and enjoyed with your loved ones. It will bring a wide smile to their faces.

Brave Birthday Cake Designs1
Brave Birthday Cake Designs2

Brave Curls Cake Designs

When you think about the character brave, the first thing that comes to your mind is her curls. Isn’t it? You can bake these cakes for all the curly head queens and make them feel special on their birthdays.

Brave Curls Cake Designs
Brave Curls Cake Designs2

Brave Action Figure Cake Designs

Brave Action Figure Cake Designs are so empowering and powerful to look at. The way she’s holding the bow and arrow makes us want to learn archery ourselves. Make use of these amazing designs.

Brave Action Figure Cake Designs2
Brave Action Figure Cake Designs

Graphic Printed Brave Cake Designs

Graphic Printed Brave Cake Designs can be made on black or any coloured fondant. This idea makes your work very simple and easy. These cakes are also attention-grabbing and extremely attractive.

Graphic Printed Brave Cake Designs
Graphic Printed Brave Cake Designs2

Brave Cake Pops

Brave Cake Pops are the most important element in a brave themed party. You just need the colours that match the colours of the character brave. Not to mention that they are super tasty.

Brave Cake Pops
Brave Cake Pops2


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